Kitchen Equipment

There has been an increase in the emergence of new restaurants and cafeterias in India, and many companies are jumping into the bandwagon. And these emerging places for dining obviously require big kitchens with a large variety of equipment for preparation and presentation of food. Even small stand alone eateries require the use of commercial products that can make food for a large number of people. Some common restaurant Kitchen equipment includes :

  • Chicken Rotary Grill : Used for preparing amazing grilled chicken, it can be operated on both electricity and gas. Able to handle more than 20 birds at one time, this grill can help in producing smoky and succulent flavor of the meat. It contains a basket, rotisserie, spit and grates, it provides the option to cook or baste for ensuring delicious chicken that is soft on the outside and crispy on the outside.
  • Shawarma Grill : There has been an increase in demand of shawarma worldwide, so most eateries are beginning to provide them in India too. Shawarma Grills is a popular Kitchen equipment right now, designed to handle a large amount of meat preparation at once. Featuring automatic spinning grillers for constant rotation of the prepared food, they have two burners that that are responsible for providing a crispy outside while keeping the inside tender. Supporting automatic transportation of the rotisserie skewer, they are easy to clean and assemble.
  • Idli Steamer : Though originally from south India, the idli has caught the imagination of everybody and become popular all over the country. This steamer is used for producing delicious soft balls of rice and in a short period of time. Made from good quality stainless steel, they are easy to use and clean. This Kitchen equipment has the ability to make more than 100 idlis at a time, which are poured in trays and stacked securely in a container.
  • Charcoal Grill : They are used for cooking food with heat directly applied from below. Using charcoal bricks, they are burned which radiate heat embers for cooking of food. They are also available in electrical mode and barbeque which promote better heat distribution. Safe to use and durable, they use lava fuel as the heat source and can be easily moved around.

All these commercial cooking products can provide a fantastic experience to the customer if used by the correct chef. Kitchen equipment suppliers are known for products that are reliable and easy to use